Multi Family Yard Sale
May 19, 2023
Great Sale in Kootenai Village Sale
May 24, 2023

Full Bushel Farm + Multiple Vendors

Full Bushel Farm, just off Eastside Highway north of Stevensville, will be hosting multiple vendors selling a little bit of everything. We will even have food and coffee vendors here. Refuel and shop all at the same time. 

Clothing, vintage clothing, home decor, tools, handmade items, and so much that it’s too much to list! Definitely worth the time to stop and see what kinds of treasures you will find. 

Keep coming back through the cul de sac and park in the field. If you are able bodied, please leave the closer parking for elders and those needing a shorter walk. The driveway is circular and if you get some larger items, you can 100% pull in to load your truck! 

375 Sullivan Rd Stevensville, MT

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