Our Most Frequently Asked Questions
1What is the deadline for getting on the map?
The deadline for getting on the map sent to the commercial printer and to the newspapers is 9 days before the sale. We also provide a map that can be downloaded and printed. We will strive to update that map up until 2 days before the sale.
2How do I make changes to my listing?
On the Garage Sale Ads page, you can click/tap the Edit Ad button. You'll be asked to enter your email address and Ad Access Key. If you don't have your Ad Access Key, you can use the " Click here to have your Ad access keys sent to you." link to retrieve it.
3Where can I get my signs?
Your Community Contact has your signs. Please call them to arrange a time to pick up your signs.
4How much does it cost?
All the prices are listed on our Garage Sale Ads page after you click/tap the "Place Ad" button
5In the middle of checking out I was cut off. I received an email the next day, prompting me to pay, which I did with a visa, but I do not see my posting. Am I registered?
You will have received 2 emails; 1 from admin@bitterroot50milegaragesale.com telling you your registration was successful and 1 from PayPal telling you that we have received payment. If you failed to get either of these emails, please contact admin@bitterroot50milegaragesale.com.
6 How do I get a map of the addresses of locations in each town before we arrive?
Print the downloadable map located on the "Print Sale Locations and Map" page.
7 Is there a phone number of someone I can call?
We encourage you to call your Community Contact. We also encourage our sellers to provide contact information in case shoppers have questions regarding contents or directions.
8 How do I get a space at one of the Hot Spots?
Please call the Hot Spot to sign up for a space.
9How much does a space at a Hot Spot cost?
The Hot Spots decide how much, if anything, they will charge. Please call the Hot Spot for specific information.
10How big are the spaces at the Hot Spots?
We encourage our Hot Spots to provide at least a 10′ x 10′ space. Many Hot Spots have spaces bigger than that. Please call the Hot Spot for specific information.
11 Are there any RV Parks to stay at along the way?
I know of the Angler’s Roost RV park at the south end of Hamilton. Its right on the Bitterroot River. http://www.anglersroost-montana.com/ Also there is Black Rabbit RV on the north end of Hamilton. http://www.blackrabbitrv.com/ There is a forest service campground well suited for RVs (but without hookups) at Bass Creek on the south end of Florence. http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5246767.pdf And then up Highway 12 in Lolo there is the SquareDance RV center (with hookups!) http://www.lolocampndance.com/ Contact some of the hotspots… they may have private locations for you to park your RV with hookups!
12I only want to sign up for 1 day, can I do that?
Of course! The price remains the same as you are paying for signs and advertising. Just make sure to indicate what days you will be open on your listing description.