More Details

2025 Dates: Friday and Saturday June 27th and 28th

Sale Details

  1. The Bitterroot 50 Mile Garage sale is a volunteer run event. Money that is collected will be used for marketing including signs, maps, web hosting and fliers and newspaper articles..
  2. There will be a hot spot in each community (maybe more than one). Here, there will be several vendors in one spot. There will be no shortage of goods/junk. (We say fondly!) If you want to be a vendor at one of the hot spots, call the community coordinator in your neighborhood.
  3. You can sign up right here on this site. Once you send in your payment, you will be added to the map. The map will be updated at the end of each day.
  4. Its not all ‘junk’ even though we mean the word ‘junk’ in a good, junk-collectors’ way. Because this sale is so large and will have so many participants, there will be a great variety of goods. Barn junk, tools, building materials, furniture, clothing, household, antiques, motorcycles, man stuff, re-purposed goods. Much of what will be for sale will be garage sale prices, but there will also be furniture and antiques at retail prices.
  5. You don’t have to have your sale open on both days. You can sign up for both days or either day. We will note the days you participate on the map so that people don’t show up and you aren’t there.
  6. There will also be a printed map available closer to the actual event.

A Letter to Our Sellers

Thank you for your support. This event is being planned by a small group of Bitterroot Valley Volunteers. The Volunteer’s names are listed on the sale website under community contacts. Feel free to contact any of those people if you have questions or thoughts that you wish to pass on. You should know that this group has been committed to spending absolutely every dollar of your advertising fees directly on advertising, printing, and signs.